Iron & Sulfur Breakers

Iron Breaker Water Systems You Can Depend On

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Do you have iron stains on your sinks and bathtubs? Does it take too much effort and soap to wash dishes? Unfortunately, chances are your water supply has a high percentage of iron and sulfur contaminants. But don’t sweat it; we have just the solution you need. You can successfully treat the water in your house with sulfur and iron breaker water systems! So let’s learn more about them.

What are Iron and Sulfur Breakers?

Iron breaker water systems and softeners are different water treatment systems specifically designed to prevent iron from contaminating water. The presence of iron in water can cause detrimental health effects and damage clothing and fixtures. Not just that, iron and sulfur can dramatically change the taste and odor of water, making it unbearable. While iron breaker water softeners run on ion exchange and oxidation processes, the iron breaker water system helps address high iron levels in your water.

Indeed, you can treat your water using harsh chemicals and complicated equipment to get rid of iron and H2S. However, these are unreliable solutions as you will require regular care and service or call a water treatment professional to do the job. With the IronBreaker III system, you can apply a natural iron and H2S removal solution that uses a patented oxidation process to eliminate high levels of iron and sulfur in water — all this without using chemicals and air compressors, aerators, or external ventures. Instead, the IronBreaker III system uses nature’s oxidation process to leave your house water fresh, clean, and odorless.

The IronBreaker III system stores air compressed by the well pressure inside the media tank—the ‘bubble’ of air works when water passes through it. As the water flows through the air, the iron and sulfur are converted into a particle only to be trapped by a catalytic filter in the tank. As a result, the air bubble slowly disappears as more water passes through it.

It also has a regeneration system that allows IronBreaker III to backwash itself by removing the trapped iron and sulfur particles. The air bubble is regenerated by atmospheric pressure — allowing oxygen molecules to return to the media bed or surface to facilitate oxidation. You may even opt for an ozone generator to ensure automatic sanitization during regeneration.

An iron breaker water system provides several life-changing benefits for homeowners, especially those experiencing high iron levels in their water. After installing the IronBreaker III system, you will get cleaner and odor-free water, no more “rotten egg” smell, and tub or sink stains. In addition, there will be no sulfur in your water, which will improve overall cleanliness in the bathroom, increase the lifespan of all appliances, and reduce the frequency and cost of repairs.

The impact of installing the IronBreaker III system is immediate! You will realize there is no “rotten egg” smell in the water, and the soap or shampoo lathers better than ever. As you use the water more and more, you will find that your hair and skin health noticeably improves. The clothes in the laundry will look whiter and brighter and last longer. Say no to the iron stains in the kitchen sink! There will be many eye-opening and subtle changes after installing the IronBreaker III system.

Are you wondering, “Where can I find water treatment systems for well water near me?” Or maybe you’re looking to purchase a high-quality iron breaker water system? Don’t hesitate to contact Water Solutions by Dave Ritchie today!

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